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Suggested tools to get you started

of Flatwearable Artisan Jewelry Inc.

Many potential customers ask us what else they might need to get started in making silverware jewelry.  Here’s a suggested list.  By no means do you need everything on this list to start out.  Build your tool choices as you grow and progress.

The items with a * next to them are the most suggested items for the beginner.

Items seen in the Bracelet Construction Tutorial, and where you can purchase them.

HF = Harbor Freight

*1 Ton Arbor Press #3552

*HF Vise # 67039

*Rubber Mallet –

*HF Bolt cutter # 41148

*HF Mini grinder # 94071

(Replacement fiber wheels available at

HF bench buffer # 94393

Buffing compounds –

*Automatic center punch –

HF rotary tool # 68696

*1/16″ drill bits –

*HF 5-speed drill press, # 60238

HF drill press vise #30999

Johnson’s Paste Wax, local hardware store purchase

Dura Bull tumbler kit –

920 polishing compound –

Stainless steel shot –

Goddard’s Silver Polish Foam, local grocery store purchase

Felt polishing pads for rotary tools, B0097PM17Y @ Amazon

Rubber polisher set, xkj3-ra8121 @

*Round nose, bail making, chain nose, bent chain nose & nylon jaw pliers

can be purchased at local craft stores or many online retailers. We

carry some hand tools at

*Steel ring mandrel –

Ring mandrel cradle –

Renaissance wax polish –

Flatware can be purchased at yard sales, estate sales, auctions, flea markets, eBay,

antique stores, co-ops, newspapers, Craigslist, etc.

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